A Simple Webinar Trick to Generate More Sales

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.

You go through all the steps of getting a webinar up and sending traffic to it.

You make sales.

But you don’t make as many sales as you could because…

…People joined the webinar late and didn’t see the whole thing…

…People missed a portion of the webinar because they were distracted, left the room, got a phone call, etc.…

…People are on the fence. They’re tempted to buy, but they’re still not certain it’s right for them.

All of these points can be remedied with a simple fix: Replay the webinar immediately after the webinar.

Call it an encore edition or whatever you choose. As soon as the webinar is over, replay it again without pause.

In many cases this simple step can yield you several more sales.

Let’s say running an encore only makes you another 3 sales each time you do it. Let’s further say the product you’re selling is $200, and you run a total of 30 webinars over the course of the promotion.

That’s an extra 90 sales and an extra $18,000 dollars, all because you run encore webinars right after the initial webinar.

Not bad!

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