The Pace of Change in Marketing Technology

I love the marketing technology industry, it’s always in motion just like our oceans, and often if you look away for a second, you’ll see that the scene has completely changed, and you may never see the same scene twice.

Within this industry there is the need to always be moving forward, there is a huge pressure to provide something new, customers expect a new version almost every year.

But where does that lead us? Is it possible to maintain high quality, and a high degree of innovation at that level? Or is the latest and greatest innovation just an increase in the number on the box?

For example, if you’re a mobile app software house writing apps for mobile devices, how do you keep up not only with the needs and wants of your customers, but also with the constantly changing landscape that is your device base? What worked on last year’s device might not work as well on the new generation. But your customers will expect their “favorite apps” to work just as before when they upgrade their device.

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That is both the greatest strength and weakness of the marketing technology industry: the pace of change. Fortunes are found and lost, companies rise and fall, or get gobbled up, in what seems like minutes.

In many ways it’s like a gamblers addiction, it’s exciting and hard to resist, but with some hard work and a lot of good fortune, your well-built little app or game could be the next goldmine, or the next productivity app that brings the platform provider to your door to buy you out and embed that functionality in their system.

Caution however: it can be very tempting to just push out a new version of a product with nothing more than a new number on the box to coincide with a new device or OS release, but better to hold back and save that new number for meaningful and innovative changes that really give your customers the improved product that they really wanted.

How do you keep your marketing technology innovative? Let me know in the comments below.

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